Education is the key to mass adoption!

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Our Mission: To provide free, quality Bitcoin education to the masses. We want to train future Bitcoiners to support the protocol mass adoption.

Our community of volunteer teachers produces courses that help you discover and deepen your knowledge of Bitcoin.

From beginner to expert, our university is designed to support and challenge you on this new technology that is Bitcoin.

Becoming your own bank and a sovereign individual is now possible, there is no age to learn how to do it!

Welcome to this new adventure!

Road-Map of the academy!

This open-source project is in continuous development. New courses are produced regularly (about 1 per month) and a lot of UX improvements are in progress.

If you want to help, don’t hesitate to DM us (

Goal 2023:

ENG & ESP Internatization
20 courses
Open-source infrastructure
Bitcoin dev course

Find all the information about the academy and the 2023 road-map on the BOOK


Our Values

We believe that Bitcoin should be taught to everyone to ensure an open society free from the control of large banking institutions.

In order to achieve this goal, DécouvreBitcoin is a 360 degree Bitcoin education company with coures, podcast, news, article, seminar and more.


To provide free quality Bitcoin education and promote the free flow of knowledge.

Bitcoin Only

Focus on the Bitcoin revolution as a whole without falling into trading or shitcoinery.


We consider privacy to be one of the most fundamental human rights and most necessary for progress.


DécouvreBitcoin is first and foremost a community of enthusiasts helping each other in their Bitcoin journey.

Want to support the Bitcoin cause?

The team that accompanies you in this adventure! (french team)

DécouvreBitcoin is above all a growing community of passionate bitcoiners! 

Find all the information you need to participate at your level on the page!

A big thank you to our great team!


Créateur de Découvre Bitcoin

Fanis Michalakis

Expert Lightning Network

Loïc Morel

Fondateur de Pandul

Théo Mogenet

Spécialiste de l’économie



Expert en non-kyc



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Quick Q&A:

Why be Bitcoin only?

Bitcoin is the only truly distributed cryptocurrency that is robust and unchangeable over time. I don’t want to spread myself thinly over dozens of alt-coins with uncertain futures and questionable value propositions. We think it’s best for our students to focus on Bitcoin thoroughly first and then be free to explore the rest of the ecosystem if they wish

Why be 100% free?

Bitcoin is a tool for social liberation above all. It is free to use and universally accessible to everyone, so understanding how it works should also be accessible to as many people as possible. Hence the fact that 100% of our content is free.

How can we support the project?

The easiest way is via Patreon from 1€, otherwise you can make donations in BTC or LN. Another way to fund us is through our e-commerce to buy the university’s merchandise!
Finally, if you want to help during your free time, you can send me a PM or go to the page to become a little hand of the project (you can even become a teacher here)! A big thank you to the many contributors who help the project!

I can't complete a course, what should I do?

We use LearnDash for this section of the DécouvreBitcoin site. It is possible that a course does not validate and therefore your progress bar stagnates at 80%-90% or even 95%. I know this frustration and I am looking for solutions. Try refreshing the page and validating the following chapters, sometimes it unblocks. I can’t complete a course, what can I do?

I have a question about Bitcoin, where can I ask it?

If after having completed all our courses and watched our many videos you still have a question, I invite you to visit the FAQ page of our main site (already more than 60 videos). If you still can’t find your answer, then ask me at the following address: